Building the perfect nursery

Growing together – thanks to rapid, flexible modular construction

"The classroom is the third educator" according to the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Rooms have an elemental significance for working with children in the first three years of life. They represent central factors for the children's opportunities for action and experience. Are you proposing to build a turnkey nursery or children's day care centre? Then you need to be sure that the rooms are tailored to the development and needs of the children. When building a children's day care centre or nursery, owners and developers should include quiet spaces plus opportunities to move around freely, and also stimulate the senses through the use of light or a wide range of shapes and materials.

In your children's day care centre project, however, it is also essential to take into account the needs of the up-and-coming next generations flexibly, quickly and sustainably. Apart from the feel-good factor for young visitors and their carers, new buildings from the ALHO "room factory" meet high standards of energy efficiency and ecology. At ALHO, this means, for example, contributing actively to safeguarding health and protecting the environment by using emission-free and low-emission materials in the nursery. Consequently, building a turnkey nursery or children's day care centre with ALHO combines ecology and economy to create intelligent buildings for the future.

Planning children's day care centres: a concept with room to manoeuvre

Planning and building a children's day care centre or nursery with ALHO means creating enough space for each phase within the structure of the child's day. Whether it's space to play, sleep, wash or learn – every area in the nursery and children's day care centre can be provided optimally in the new building, from the room layout to the fittings. If you are building a nursery with ALHO, our buildings offer plenty of room for manoeuvre whatever your needs.

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