Modular school buildings ensure best conditions for learning

With the solution-oriented and flexible school building concepts from ALHO, you support modern teaching, learning and classroom methods. Apart from classrooms, we can also implement specialised classes, libraries, and care rooms for all-day schools, workshops or Mensa (cafeteria) by means of our room modules. And thanks to the 70% shorter construction time with fixed handover date, this can even be done during the summer holidays. Large-space lessons in flexible rooms with mobile partition walls can be realised, just as well as individual learning landscapes, small-group concepts and the specialised room principle.

A room concept which is suitable for children is a matter of course for ALHO, just as well as compliance with the latest building regulations, school building and GUV guidelines. Due to type tested statics and relevant fire protection approvals, building permissions are granted within very short time. Furthermore, modular construction excels by sustainability. The use of recyclable and low-emission materials as well as permanent improvement of the energy properties make an active contribution to environmental protection – for a pleasant, natural and healthy learning environment.

Flexible solutions for medium to long-term needs

School new building, all-day care with corresponding space requirements, or lack of classrooms to be remedied within a short time – the ALHO room factory has the suitable concept available. Flexible modular buildings from ALHO ensure building without compromise. Not only that your building is ready within a few weeks – you can also modify it afterwards at any time. The equipment features correspond with those of the conventional construction method – however by providing lot of advantages of industrial production.