ALHO modular construction – high-quality, sustainable, economical

With respect to quality and sustainability, buildings in steel module style represent an equivalent alternative to massive construction. They offer unbeatable advantages to owners and developers in the public sector, in the health sector, and in industry – particularly in terms of economic efficiency, investment security and sustainability. Because in up to 70% shorter construction time, and for a fixed price and by a fixed date, we build office, education and health properties which can be flexibly adjusted to your current needs at any time.

Fixed costs. Fixed dates. Finished quickly. ALHO.

Up to 70% shorter construction time

Type-tested static analyses shorten the approval process, because the mostly time-consuming test procedures regarding static calculations are no longer required. Production of the room modules in the plant avoids weather-induced delays and ensures a high quality due to industrial manufacturing processes. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication and parallel processes – in the ALHO room factory and on the construction site (foundation) – the construction time on site is reduced to a few weeks, thus resulting in a very short total construction time.

Investment security

The fixed price guarantee, and just one general contractor as an experienced partner, provides planning security for each building project. By consistently using dry construction materials, ALHO modular buildings are ready to be occupied immediately after completion and acceptance, featuring comfortable climatic conditions. No additional energy costs occur to get moisture out of the building.

Ecology and sustainability

ALHO exclusively uses quality tested materials. In our resource-optimized production, virtually no remaining substances occur due to using custom-fit installation materials. Any material occurring nonetheless is consistently sorted and, as far as possible, fed back into the raw materials cycle. At the end of their long useful lives, the room modules can be easily disassembled, removed or recycled up to almost 100%. Little use of primary raw materials and energy-saving manufacture of steel construction products save the natural resources of the earth and thus relieve the environment.

Energy efficiency

Based on heat bridge examinations of individual components, the ALHO module constructions were developed in an optimisation process to become a highly energy-efficient type of building. Insulation of the buildings thus complies with the current energy saving regulation.

Appealing architectural design

Whether it is for ribbon windows or large glazing areas, stucco facades, or suspended, ventilated facade systems made of wood, metal, ceramic or glass - with the ALHO modular construction, there are virtually no limits to creative design options.

Flexibility and adaptability

The highly flexible, modular structure of the ALHO modular buildings allow for changes according to the relevant use. Displacement of the non supporting walls and adaptation of installations can be carried out at any time. Logically, flexible utilization or room designs later on are thus ensured. Even extension, upgrade, or partly or completely displacement of ALHO modular buildings are possible.

Clean and quiet construction sites

Most of the noise and dust-intensive works are carried out in the factory. So emission impacts – especially with construction measures on an existing building – are reduced to a minimum.