Building-physical properties that are convincing

Building-physical features of modular constructions are in no way inferior to those of massive construction. Both the statics and fire protection, sound protection and heat insulation are realised according to specified or desired properties. So modular buildings comply with the current EnEV, can be realised as low-energy buildings or also in passive house standard. In container construction without curtain facade or heat insulation composite system, ALHO complies with the energetic requirements of the EnEV for temporary buildings.

Heat insulation

All requirements of the currently energy saving regulations are complied with by modular construction without any problems. The interplay of component insulation and system technology are integrated into the ALHO modular construction and can be fully implemented. Heat bridges of the load-bearing steel construction are excluded due to the exterior insulation.

Fire protection up to F120

The essential building materials of the modules are classified in fire protection class A2 (not combustible). All parts of the load-bearing steel construction are cladded with at least 2-layer gypsum boards, and - where stricter specifications apply – with fire protection boards. That way, fire resistance categories between F30 and F90 up to F120 can be reached. Compliance with these requirements has been examined and certified in own fire tests as well as covered by independent fire protection certificates by renowned institutes.

Sound protection

Modular buildings have very good sound protection which is inherent to the system. Decisive for the achieved sound insulation value are the type of panelling and the insulation material put in between as well as the distance of the panelling. Due to the system-inherent double wall structure in the area of the module groove, the relevant sound protection requirements can be achieved with more reduced cross sections than in massive construction. So the sound protection values measured in the realised building are both in the storey ceiling area and the partition wall area clearly under the values required.


Statics are based on a self-supporting steel skeleton construction, where the load is transmitted from corner supports as point load. As all steel modules are designed in an identical basic principle, ALHO has had developed and tested type statics for all essential systems. Type statics serve to avoid repeated set-up and testing of statics in case of constant boundary conditions when they are built in always in the same way. The type static takes into account all factors having a static impact as, for example, geometric specifications, effects or support structures. The tested type statics shorten the approval process, as the mostly time-consuming test procedures of static calculations fall away.