Diversity of modular rooms

The design potential of modular construction becomes particularly apparent if the system construction is mentally reduced to the load-bearing steel structure. This orthogonal, grid-style pattern, made of individual self-supporting modules, offers all conceivable freedom, independent of each other and each level. By means of simple arrangement and stacking in an almost playful manner, buildings can be created that excel by a high degree of flexibility and mobility. In addition, there is an individual façade design and a flexible interior design using most different materials.

So modular construction and prefabrication do not require any compromise at all in terms of architectural quality. In the regular product range alone, more than 100 module variants are possible which are variable in terms of height, width and length. Numerous window variants in size and material, most different wall designs and roof shapes are available. While the design opportunities in modular construction are particularly versatile due to the front-mounted façade, the container construction’s architecture is also convincing due to clear lines in the container look and high-grade sandwich facades. Whether it is for ribbon windows or large glazing areas, profiled sheet or sandwich elements, plaster on WDVS, or suspended, ventilated facade systems made of wood, metal, ceramic or glass , with the ALHO modular construction, there are virtually no limits to creative design options.

It is possible to combine the modules with other construction methods or additional elements. A steel and glass facade can be attached to the base frame and ceiling frame at any time via static fixing and anchorage points. Also balconies can be attached to the construction by avoiding heat bridges, for example through mounting brackets. Terraces can also be realised.

Apart from traditional flat roofs, the modular construction can also be combined with pent roofs, hip roofs, barrel-shaped roofs, or grass-covered roofs. Apart from dry wall construction, walls can also be designed as full glass walls or mobile partition walls. Windows and doors can be selected in view of form, colour, material and functionality. In container construction, sandwich facades with metal cassettes, profiled sheets, but also with full-glazed fronts can be realised. In the interior of modular buildings with container look, a lot of different materials can be optionally used.