Tested quality and security

Reliable, constant quality and highest precision in manufacturing distinguish the ALHO room factory. This is ensured by our numerous quality seals and marks. Constant quality controls and optimization of the processes make ALHO an innovative leader in the industry. From material purchasing to production to interior construction, ALHO attaches great importance to perfect and 100% quality. All production processes are certified and are thus subjected to strict and regular audits. All materials used in ALHO buildings are tested for quality, are unpolluted. The relevant provisions in terms of statics, fire protection, health and environmental protection as well as energy saving, are complied with and filed in official test certificates.

  • 1 Bodenrahmen Modulbau
  • 2 Aufsetzen dachrahem Modulbau
  • 3 Schweissen Eckstuetzen Modulbau
  • 4 Lackieren Modulbau
  • 5 Stahlrahmenkonstruktion Modulbau
  • 6 Bodenaufbau Modulbau
  • 7 Fenstereinbau Modulbau
  • 8 Daemmung Beplankung Aussenwaende Modulbau
  • 9 Beplankung Innenwaende Modulbau
  • 10 Fliessen Modulbau
  • 11 Qualitaetskontrolle Modulbau
  • 12 Verladung Modulbau
  • 13 Transport Modulbau
  • 14 Montage Modulbau
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