Sustainable and energy-efficient quality

Modern steel module construction integrates environment protection and energy efficiency to create sustainable buildings. Targeting to keep the environmental impacts on buildings as low as possible and to optimise user comfort, modular construction makes a valuable contribution for creating “smart” buildings. Effective prefabrication, clean and quiet installation as well as flexible structures ensure the long-term preservation of the value of modular buildings. Furthermore, displaceability and 100% recyclability of the main material being steel ensure relief of the natural resources of the earth, saving the environment.

Ecologic quality

The construction steel used for room modules is a regenerative building material with a closed-loop cycle and can be recycled for 100%, ensuring sustainable resource management. High heat insulation and constructions that are free of thermal bridges ensure optimum energy efficiency of modular buildings. Connection to renewable energy sources, such as heat pumps, solar water heaters or cogeneration, is possible just as well as using rain water as process water.

Socio-cultural and functional quality

Cosy comfort is achieved through high heat insulation and constructions that are free of thermal bridges, resulting in pleasant heat in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. In addition, good insulation of modular buildings increases comfort. Barrier-free spaces and the creation of communication areas combined with retreat possibilities foster a positive living and working environment. Flexible adaptation of the room situation to current needs thanks to non-load-bearing interior walls and the possibility of reutilization ensure maximum space efficiency at any time.

Technical Quality

Modular buildings comply with the highest demands on fire, sound and noise protection, and they are made of quality tested products with low emissions or none. Thanks to strict controls, the heat and hydrothermal quality of the building shell is ensured. Whether it is about extending, heightening or expanding buildings – buildings using room modules can be integrated to existing buildings at the relevant site without any problems. In terms of sustainability, they are in no way inferior to solid buildings. In contrast to conventional construction, the modular buildings are additionally completely reversible without any residues, recyclable almost to 100%, and convenient in terms of disassembly.

Economic quality

Modular buildings are manufactured and assembled independently of weather conditions so it possible to meet deadlines and ensure just-in-time processes. Industrial manufacturing of room modules and certified production processes ensure consistently high quality. The construction time which is shortened up to 70% in comparison to conventional construction methods allows for earlier use of the building and faster returns on investment. Thanks to their flexible adaptation possibilities, modular buildings are predestined for Third Party use, thus providing particularly high investment security.

Process quality

Modular buildings from ALHO are integrally planned by specialist personnel with the constructive involvement of subsequent building users. Industrial prefabrication through certified processes and qualified operational staff ensures low tolerances and an extended degree of detail in production and thus a consistently high quality. Modular buildings are “gently” built, that is to say the site is quiet and clean.