A room for ideas for 50 years now

With a staff of more than 1,000 and Europe-wide operations, the ALHO Group is a leading provider and manufacturer in the field of system assembly. It all began in 1967 with the production of stationary accommodation facilities for construction sites. At the beginning of the 1980s, the design principle was developed further and sophisticated solutions for permanent buildings were found. Since the beginning of the company more than 290,000 system units have left this “room factory”. This amounts to an annual production of a constructed area of more than 200,000 qm - or 18,500 t of steel, 70 t of filler, 830,000 qm of plasterboard and more than 600 truck loads of insulating materials.

The ALHO Group’s key figures (31.12.2016)

Production areas:  
Total area site/warehouse: 331.650 m²
Total area production sheds: ca. 72.000 m²
Total area office: 8.500 m²
Total area building/production/office: 80.400 m²
Staff: more than 1,000
Production capacities p.a.: 12,000 modules p.a.
Entire production since 1967: 290.000 units
Rental companies FAGSI and FAGSI AG: 25,000 modules

Responsibility for customers, employees and the environment

The name ALHO not only stands for high-quality solutions in modular and container construction, but also for acting responsibly towards all persons and resources involved in manufacturing a product: This applies to customers, suppliers, employees and the environment alike.

The success of our company is determined by the satisfaction of customers, partners and employees. For this reason, we want to develop together in a target-oriented and efficient way in order to thus maximise benefit and satisfaction.

We have derived concrete targets from our corporate mission statement. These company goals are applicable as guidelines for all corporate divisions at ALHO, and they are binding for our daily work:

Satisfied customers

We want to provide our customers with the best possible benefit by competently and individually consulting them, by being a reliable partner and by convincing them through quality services. We achieve this by using innovative and flexibly designed products, by meeting fixed dates and fixed prices as well as by providing high and stable quality levels.

Competent employees

Our actions are characterised by deep respect and attention towards our employees. Independent of their position and function, we want to offer each employee a high degree of social security, foster their personal and professional development by means of continuing and advanced vocational training measures, ensure optimum working conditions and give them the opportunity to contribute their ideas and creativity to the company development and the decision-making process.

Reliable partners

On a basis of partnership, we work together with our suppliers and subcontractors, communicating with them in an open and fair way. In terms of quality assurance and customer satisfaction, we set high standards to our suppliers and finishing craft, trusting in long-term reliable partnerships.

Social commitment

We feel committed to the Morsbach location. As one of the biggest employers, we have great responsibility for the people in our region. Therefore we heavily commit to matters related to society, environment and social policy.

Innovative products

Our objective is to develop, produce and deliver products which are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and thus future-oriented to a large extent. Standardised processes as well as systemised and catalogued in-depth solutions make it possible for our customers to get reproducible quality and highly efficient building concepts.

Optimised processes

All processes – both in view of customer contact and production – shall excel by high security and quick reaction times and shall be complied with also in case of an individual, customer-oriented approach. That is why we aspire continuous standardization and thus also an optimization of all processes.