At home with system assembly

ALHO – your partner for modular construction for 50 years

ALHO is a family firm that is a pioneer of modular building. It all began in 1967 in an assembly workshop producing building site trailers. Today, over 1,100 employees work for ALHO across Europe. An entrepreneurial spirit, reliability, partnership and, not least, consistent customer orientation are the hallmarks of the family-run company. Today as always.

Things began to get going with the production of wooden barracks, building, office, sleeping and toilet trailers for the construction industry. In just a short time, the range of manufactured products was well established in the market. In 1971, ALHO began producing standardised room containers. Sound and
thermal insulation were also becoming more important on construction sites. ALHO proved that standardised mobile room units and the desire for comfort were no longer mutually exclusive.

From the container to the module

As time passed, stationary, i.e. permanent, solutions based on system units – today's room modules – were gradually incorporated into the production programme. Choosing this pathway proved to be the right decision strategically. Today, the quality and durability of modular constructions are on a par with conventional building methods.

Since the company was founded, over 330,000 system units have left the ALHO "room factory". This amounts to an annual production of constructed area covering over 200,000 m² – or, measured in materials used, 20,000 tonnes of steel, 85 tonnes of filler, 800,000 m² of plasterboard and over 540 truck loads of insulating materials.