ALHO modular construction

Your own customised building, with ALHO

Mies van der Rohe's idea of industrial design, reducing time and materials, has been a reality for ALHO for 50 years in its modular constructions. ALHO buildings are produced in modern factory units, irrespective of the weather, as ready-to install room modules and assembled on site cleanly and quietly to create the modular construction. One of the particular advantages is that this cuts the building time by about 70% in comparison with conventional building methods, and delivery on the fixed date is guaranteed.

Thanks to its certified industrial factory production and cooperation with longstanding partners, ALHO buildings are always built to a consistently high quality standard. The low Life Cycle Costs due to the sustainable building methods used also offer investment reliability. Iindividually planned, high-quality buildings such as schools, nurseries, office and administration buildings, healthcare complexes or residential homes with optimum building physics properties can thus be created in the modular construction design grid.

And if needs ever change, the self-supporting steel frame used in the modular construction with its non-loadbearing walls allows you to extend, add more floors, dismantle or change the use of your building. We will happily inform you about our innovative building methods personally. We also answer the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs