Modular Construction Combines Quality with Flexibility

The easy way to acquiring a building with modular elements from ALHO

You need a building that is future-proof and flexible and you place high importance in quality and planning security? Then modular construction is the solution for you. The ideas of the industrial construction of Mies van der Rohe, namely the reduction of time and material, has been a reality with ALHO for 50 years. ALHO buildings are produced as ready-to-assemble in modern production spaces independent of weather conditions and connected cleanly and quietly to create modular structures at the construction site. One of the greatest advantages: Because of the standardized construction, the setup time is reduced by around 70% when compared to conventional construction methods and delivery on schedule and at a fixed price is guaranteed. This makes modular construction especially attractive in terms of costs.

Through the certified industrial factory production and the cooperation with long-term partners, ALHO modular buildings are impressive with consistently high quality standards. Fixed price guarantee and low life cycle costs provide investment security thanks to the sustainable construction. This creates individually-planned, high-quality system buildings such as schools, kindergartens, office and administration buildings, health care properties or dormitories with optimal building physics properties in the modular construction design grid.

And if the need should change, the self-supporting steel frame structure in modular construction, with its non-load-bearing walls enables trouble-free connection, extension, dismantling and conversion. We are happy to inform personally about our innovative construction method. We also answer the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

Advantages of modular construction

Discover the advantages of ALHO system assembly

70% shorter construction

70% shorter construction time and completed on schedule through serial production not affected by weather


Planning and investment security with our fixed price guarantee

building site

Clean, quite building site because of our level of prefabrication

life-cycle costs

Low life-cycle costs through integral planning

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction through the optimum use of resources


Assured quality through certified factory manufacture

Outstanding flexibility

Outstanding flexibility through the self-supporting steel structural frame with non-loadbearing walls


Attractive architecture through individual cubic volume, outline plan and facade design

Individuality in series –this is how the construction process works in modular structures

In a time of climate change, the subject of sustainability takes on more and more importance. That’s not just ALHO’s motto – we give you that in writing with our DGNB Multiple Certificate in gold! Find out about the numerous factors that make ALHO's system construction a particularly sustainable construction method here.

Sustainability in module construction

In the time of climate change, the topic of sustainability is growing ever more important. ALHO has not only committed itself to this – we even give you in relation to it a letter and seal with our DGNB repeat certificate in gold! Learn here about the numerous factors that make the system construction of ALHO into a particularly sustainable building method.

Save on life cycle costs with modular construction from ALHO

Your building must not only be flexible, but also economical? A new building is always a big investment. That’s why economic factors are so important. With modular structures from ALHO, you have up to 12% lower life cycle costs. Find out about the savings you can achieve through modular construction with ALHO here.

Modular structure design grid

You want to know what architectural options you have for modular buildings? Modular construction means planning in a grid with as many modules as possible of the same width, length and height. But the dimensions are very flexible. Find out more about the design grid for modular structures and how a building from ALHO is erected here.

Building physics in module construction

e you setting high expectations for fire, heat, and sound protection in your new building? Module constructions from ALHO fulfill all building requirements that are also placed on massive buildings – or even exceed these. Learn here about the high quality standard and the building values of our module constructions.

Modular construction FAQs

Do you have questions concerning construction methods, investment, architecture, technology or project sequences? You can get your most important questions answered in our FAQ area. And, if you have additional concerns, you can contact us directly. Contact form.