Building educational establishments

Creating the ideal foundations for the future

The demands are simply more on some buildings in everyday life. Educational establishments such as children's day care centres, schools and universities are amongst them. Modular buildings from ALHO have been getting top marks here for many years. If you build educational establishments, it's not just the short construction periods, fixed deadlines and fixed prices that make ALHO stand out. Above all else, it is the flexibility that only modular buildings can offer for education. Because this is precisely what children's day care centres, schools and university buildings are looking for. For example, if buildings have to grow flexibly because of fluctuating pupil numbers, rooms have to be used differently because of new educational concepts or need to be divided differently for all-day child care. Whether you're looking at areas for learning, playing, sleeping, working, washing or eating – our individually tailored buildings for educational use offer everything that a contemporary educational establishment should have. The most important requirement is that children, pupils, students and teachers should feel good all round within the building. We therefore set great store by the use of high-quality, quality-test building materials and equipment. And this is backed not only by our reputation but also by our many quality certifications.