Building schools

Education needs space

To meet the challenges of demographic change, it is vital that the "school building" sector is able to respond flexibly to fluctuating pupil numbers. A short-term change in room layout, or combining or separating classrooms, for example, is made fundamentally easier if the interior walls of the school do not have to fulfil any loadbearing functions and if schools can be extended or floors added individually. When it comes to constructing turnkey schools, building with ALHO reduces construction times by up to 70% and ensures completion by a fixed date and for a fixed price. The building of the school can thus be adapted to all needs models at any time.

The use of recyclable, low-emission materials in any school building project is as important economically as the permanent improvement in energy values, which is an active contribution towards protecting the environment. It ensures a pleasant, natural and healthy learning environment in the new school complex.

Planning schools using modular construction

Building a school means incorporating all the requirements into the planning process. It is a question of conveying knowledge and anchoring values – pupils need plenty of space to consolidate and develop their personal strengths. In a school that is properly planned to facilitate concentrated, long-term learning, children and young adults develop their own strength of character.

When constructing a school, it is therefore important to create and promptly realise a child-appropriate room layout in the new school building and in extensions to an existing complex. In order to achieve this, ALHO's modular buildings can be adapted any time to changes in needs.

Would you like to build a turnkey school? Then ALHO has the solutions to meet your requirements. Schools are built in compliance with the latest school building and health and safety regulations. In ALHO's new modular complexes, the pupils and the school can grow and flourish.

Questions about schools?

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