Modular Housing

Flexible concepts for needs-based living space

The housing market in Germany is changing drastically. Housing is now scarce in the urban centers. Young people are drawn to the cities because they can find educational opportunities there, families can find childcare and jobs there, and seniors can find the necessary medical care. That all means that the demand for affordable, target-group-oriented living space is increasing in the booming cities.

But how can you create high-quality living space in a short time that is individualized and inexpensive at the same time? Modular buildings provide price and schedule security and allow affordable living for families, students and seniors. In buildings that are designed for long-term use, including extensions, additions, conversions, demolitions, secondary use and the ability to be relocated. Naturally, the modular design is also suitable for “post-densification.” Construction time is up to 70% shorter than for conventional construction.