Modular buildings for residential use

Flexible concepts for needs-based living space

The housing market in Germany is changing dramatically. Living space is now a scarce commodity in built-up parts of our cities. Young people are attracted to towns and cities to study, families find jobs and child care facilities there, older people depend on the medical care that is essential for them. All of this means that, in our booming towns and cities, the demand for affordable living space to suit these target groups is rising.

But how can we create high-quality living space that is both individual and economical fast enough? Modular buildings offer certainty when it comes to the price and timing and allow affordable accommodation to be provided for families, students and older people. Not only are these buildings designed for long-term use; they can also be extended, altered, dismantled and moved, or put to a different use. Naturally, modular construction is also suitable for "densification" of inner city areas. The construction period is up to 70% shorter than with conventional building methods.