Building halls of residence

Faster and more flexible with modular construction

The growth in interest among young people in going to university is increasing demand for suitable accommodation in university locations. The doubling of pupils in the final year of school is making the problem worse. Everyone is desperately searching for cheap accommodation with rents based on the maximum Bafög rate. Student halls of residence are very much in demand, as they are generally located close to the university, rents are affordable and they provide a great opportunity for making new contacts quickly.

Modular buildings from ALHO provide a fast, sustainable and flexible opportunity to build accommodation that is suitable for students. Thanks to the clean, quiet method of construction and the flexible floor plan layout, modular buildings are ideal for tackling student accommodation projects on inner-city sites. With our modular units for halls of residence, you can build quickly whilst still maintaining high quality standards.

The efficient modular principle: Combining micro-apartments and micro-flats

A space-optimised micro-apartment generally has a living area of 20 to 25 m² and comes with a living/sleeping area, shower and cooking facilities. The individual micro-apartments are joined together to make larger residential complexes. Based on the same economic grid, shared living units can also be created with separate bedrooms and common cooking/dining areas and bathrooms. Additional communal reas, such as terraces or work rooms, can also be integrated into the concept.

The demands that student accommodation has to meet, such as the durability and health aspects of the materials used, safety factors such as fire prevention and, in particular, a comfortable living atmosphere and barrier-free construction, are all fulfilled in modular construction.

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