Our strategy for sustainability in construction

Taking responsibility for the environment

As a family firm that has been around for decades and is still growing, we regard sustainability as an integral part of our responsibility to society and, in particular, to the region surrounding our company headquarters in northern Rhineland-Palatinate and our branches throughout Germany. Across all the sectors of our company, we are constantly searching for innovative, ecological solutions and are convinced that this is the foundation for a major part of our success, allowing us to look to the future with optimism.

Our sustainability goals

We want to live out the concept of sustainability: All our actions and decisions are founded on the three pillars of ecology, economy and social welfare. These three dimensions of sustainability come together along our entire supply chain, covering aspects such as saving resources, recycling and improving energy efficiency. The first sustainability goals have already been achieved or set in motion in the ALHO Group, including: 


The use of 100% eco-electricity throughout the Group: This has already reduced the company’s footprint by around 25%.


A saving in CO₂ equivalents of around 80% at the management and production locations: The aim is to reach this target by 2025 through energy modernisation measures.


EV charging points in the staff carparks.

How we want to achieve these goals

Sustainability Planning Group

In 2021, the ALHO Group set up the “Sustainability Planning Group” which focuses solely on the problems arising in connection with the sustainability of our products and projects.



Calculating the eco-balances of our products


Applying for BNB and DGNB certifications for our building method


Providing information and training to employees in all aspects of sustainability

Continuing development

Further developing the ALHO building method, such as the new hybrid method of construction and the use of Green Steel

The “Sustainability@ALHO” core group

Changing into a fair, sustainable society is a massive task. We think initially of protecting the environment, reducing CO₂ or avoiding waste, but there are far more aspects to consider: Diversity, openness and the added value of our commercial activity. 

A team made up of eight people from all the companies in the ALHO Group, ALHO, FAGSI and ProContain tackles the challenge with ideas, projects and campaigns or day-to-day decisions aiming to achieve a sustainable way of life.



Preparing sustainability reports (e.g. CSR Reports)


Defining goals or laying down the sustainability principles for the ALHO Group


Initiating projects to achieve the sustainability goals

Taking social responsibility

Within the ALHO group of companies, it is important to us not only that we handle our resources responsibly but also that we take social responsibility in our business activities and supply chains. We are guided in this by international guidelines and principles with the aim of building up sustainable supply chains that respect and uphold human rights and environmental standards.

 for dealing with risks relating to human rights and the environment

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Channel for reporting violations of the Supply Chain Act

The ALHO group of companies is subject to the statutory obligations of the German Law on the Duty of Care in Supply Chains (Supply Chain Act), which aims to improve the protection of human rights and the environment in global supply chains. In order to increase its awareness of possible violations of human rights and the obligation to protect the environment, the ALHO Group has established a notification office and instructed the law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek (HKLW) to accept and process notifications of this type.

To report violations of the Supply Chain Act