Industrial construction in the ALHO room factory

Modular buildings – individually created in series production

"The industrial production of all building components can only be truly rationalised in the manufacturing process, and work on site then becomes solely a process of assembly and can be reduced to an incredibly short time." Mies van der Rohe's idea of industrial design, reducing time and materials, has been a reality for 50 years in the ALHO room factory.

ALHO builds using industrial, modular and 3-dimensional methods. Buildings are produced in modern manufacturing plants irrespective of the weather as ready-to-install room modules and assembled on site cleanly and quietly. This cuts the construction time by around 70% in comparison with conventional building methods and delivery by the fixed date is guaranteed. The certified industrial factory manufacture means that a higher standard of quality is reached than conventional construction methods can offer. The most frequent asked questions about the project procedure of modular buildings are answered here.

Integral planning

We plan your building on an integrated basis, including all the relevant specialist disciplines. Verified type static analyses, proven detailed solutions, certified process plus fire and thermal protection ensure that approval processes for your building project take much less time.

Industrial production

Up to 90% of the building is produced in the factory, where the conditions for all trades are ideal. Continuous comprehensive monitoring guarantees the highest quality. Production of the room modules in the factory means that there are no delays due to bad weather. Processes carried out in parallel help to cut the construction time by up to 70%, because while the foundations are being dug on site, the factory has already started producing your modules.

Efficient logistics

Our experienced logistics professionals organise the smooth transport of your modules so that they arrive "just in time" on your construction site for module assembly.

Clean, quiet assembly

While the last modules are still "coming off the conveyor belt" in the factory, your building is already being assembled on site. Assembly only takes a few days, so you can enter your building for the first time after just a short while.

Fast finishing

On site, your building still needs to have inter-module connections installed and the facade and roof need to be fitted. Thanks to the high level of prefabrication, finishing on site only takes around 10 weeks. Noise and dirt are reduced to a minimum.

70% faster completion

The use of dry construction materials means that there is no construction moisture inside the building, so you can move in as soon as it's handed over.