Design grid in modular construction

Room modules for unlimited possibilities

The possibilities for planning using ALHO modular construction are almost unlimited, thanks to the flexible room module grid. Modular construction provides room modules that are from 6.50 to 16.75 m long, up to 4 m wide and up to 3.90 m high. The upward limit is defined solely by the ability to transport the room modules, not the grid itself.

The design grid for modular construction allows architects to plan quickly and efficiently. The individual room modules can be nested and combined in any way you like within the grid, as if you were building with Lego. Nevertheless, for modular construction for commercial purposes in particular, we recommend that you reduce the sizes of the individual room modules to the fewest possible different grid sizes for the room modules, for economic reasons. The most frequent asked questions about the architecture of modular buildings are answered here.