Put Up Modular Buildings with ALHO

Turnkey buildings for work, education, health and residential

As solid as stone on stone; but much quicker, safer and sustainable: that’s how modern modular buildings are so made. Modular buildings are comprised of three-dimensional room modules fabricated in advance following strict quality control measures which are then assembled on-site to construct the building. The quality, durability and energy efficiency are comparable, at the very least, to that of traditional massive construction methods. Of enormous importance: Modular buildings are permanent building solutions, not temporary as with structures made of containers. Benefit from the diverse advantages that come with innovative modular buildings!

Constructing buildings is complicated. ALHO makes it simple with modular construction system buildings. Whether it’s energy efficient office buildings, sustainable structures for education, sophisticated buildings for the health sector or attractive residential buildings for multi-family apartments: ALHO produces and constructs modular buildings as turnkey structures tailored to the precise needs of the respective client. As the general contractor, ALHO delivers the complete modular building and the whole process, from the integral construction planning through the serial production and assembly of the building system to handing over the modular building entirely from one source. Our many years of experience with modular buildings and the construction of turnkey buildings permits us to be flexible and provide comprehensive consultation so we can address any specifications concerning the modular buildings.

Producing custom building systems

Benefit from the advantages of modular construction methods. These include especially, the security of the investment, short construction time, sustainable buildings with low life cycle costs and the attractive architecture. Our modular buildings naturally fulfill all the physical demands placed on traditional massive building construction. This applies to building fire protection, winter and summer thermal protection as well as noise protection. Whether you need new construction, addition or expansion, you’ll be impressed with the versatility of application possibilities in the fields of work, education, health and residential. The references in the individual areas of application illustrate examples of the implementation of versatile spatial solutions. Thanks to ALHO, the construction of flexible turnkey buildings becomes a calculable, fixed-cost project.

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