Our mission statement

Responsibility for customers, employees and the region

The name ALHO stands not only for high-quality solutions in modular construction but also for acting responsibly towards all the people and resources involved in our products. This includes customers, suppliers, employees and the environment. The success of our company is determined by the satisfaction of our customers, partners und employees. For this reason, we at ALHO want to develop together efficiently and with clear targets in order to maximise advantages and levels of satisfaction. We have derived specific goals from our company's mission statement. These company goals apply as guidelines for all company divisions at ALHO and are binding for our day-to-day work.

Satisfied customers

We want to provide our customers with the best possible benefit by advising them competently and individually, being a reliable partner and convincing them through the services we provide. We achieve this by creating innovative, flexibly designed products, complying with fixed deadlines and fixed prices and ensuring a consistently high level of quality.

Competent employees

Respect and appreciation define our actions towards our employees. We want to offer every one of them, irrespective of position and function, a high degree of social security, foster their personal and professional development through continuing and advanced vocational training measures, provide the best possible working conditions and give everyone the opportunity to contribute their ideas and creativity to the development of the company.

Reliable partners

We work in partnership with our suppliers and subcontractors and are committed to fair, open communication with them. When it comes to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, we set high standards for our suppliers and trust in reliable partnerships lasting years.

Future-proof products

Our objective is to develop, manufacture and deliver products which are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and future-proof to a high degree. Our standardised processes and systematised, catalogued detailed solutions mean that we can offer our customers reproducible quality and highly economical building concepts. Our modular system is based on the incomparable quality of the sustainable material steel. Hardly any other building material is as suitable for sustainable building. The minimal requirement for primary raw materials and the energy-saving manufacture of steel building products protect our earth's natural resources and reduce the burden on the environment.

Optimised processes

All processes – both in customer contact and in production –must be defined by maximum safety and security and rapid response times, and must be followed even if the approach is individual and customer-oriented. For this reason, we aim to continuously standardise and optimise all processes within our lean management policy.

The basic principle of lean management is to minimise waste – i.e. whatever is unnecessary, whether this is obvious or concealed. Optimising and harmonising processes reduces throughput times, increases productivity and improves quality. The focus is on customer orientation and reducing costs.

Community involvement

As a family firm with a tradition dating back 50 years, we feel that we have a commitment to our locations and, as one of the largest employers in the region, bear a great responsibility for the people we employee. We are therefore heavily involved in social, environmental and socio-political projects. This involvement comes in many guises. At the moment, 35 young people are training with the ALHO Group. We have invested in the future with our new training workshop which allows us to train construction mechanics on our own premises. We support local schools, charitable organisations and associations. In addition, Our "ALHO Foundation for the Good of Young People" supports the Don Bosco Foundation Centre in promoting youth and educational work in Germany and abroad.