Building refectories with ALHO

Creating the space to feel good and switch off

When you're at school all day, food and drink in the breaks becomes vitally important. Apart fro the quality of the food, a pleasant dining atmosphere in the school canteen is one of the most important factors in successfully catering for pupils. Feeling comfortable, switching off, being with friends – these are the things that pupils associated with "their" canteen. An attractive university refectory also cares for the physical well-being of students and has a major influence on the appeal of a university location. However, in the face of steadily rising student numbers, catering is becoming a major logistical challenge.

It's good to have an experienced partner on hand when building a refectory. We are happy to share our expertise in planning, fitting and equipping your building with you, especially when it comes to the extensive range of building services required. You are provided with a well conceived overall concept for a turnkey refectory or canteen which we will build for you quickly, at a guaranteed price and in the highest quality – so that pupils and students can be provided with the best possible support.

Questions about refectories?

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