Building modular university buildings

Uni(versal) concepts for the academic world

Building a turnkey university building means incorporating all the parameters of current development: In many regions, the rooms in university buildings are hopelessly overcrowded at the beginning of term. Students wish to attend high-quality lectures in acceptable conditions and lecturers want to ensure that their seminars are workable. Lack of space in university buildings makes it harder for graduates and lecturers to work effectively.

ALHO has undertaken the task of providing an exemplary design for university buildings and the rooms within them through the use of modern modular construction. Building turnkey university buildings, by a fixed date and at a fixed price without any loss of quality in a 70% shorter construction time than with conventional building projects – with the ALHO room factory, this is possible, flexibly and sustainably.

Adapting easily to needs

Modular seminar rooms, auditoriums, offices and conference rooms can be built, adapted, expanded or changed flexibly. As the room requirements change, the university building can be flexibly extended or dismantled, or its function can be changed at any time by modifying the room layout.

Using ALHO system assembly to build turnkey university buildings as new build or extensions is an option that is quick, energy-saving, resource-friendly and sustainable. ALHO creates space for living, learning and fulfilment.

Questions about university buildings

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