Advantages of modular construction

Discover the advantages of ALHO system assembly

When it comes to quality and durability, modular construction, a method of system assembly using 3-dimensional room modules, today offers an alternative to conventional building methods that is at least as good if not better. Modular construction offers unbeatable advantages for owners and developers in the public sector, the healthcare sector and industry along with investors and project developers, particularly in terms of economic efficiency, investment security and sustainability. Because in up to 70% shorter construction time, and for a fixed price and by a fixed date, we build  officeeducationhealth and residential properties which can be flexibly adjusted to your current needs at any time. Fixed costs. Fixed dates. Finished fast. ALHO.

70% shorter construction

70% shorter construction time and completed on schedule through serial production not affected by weather


Planning and investment security with our fixed price guarantee

building site

Clean, quite building site because of our level of prefabrication

life-cycle costs

Low life-cycle costs through integral planning

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction through the optimum use of resources


Assured quality through certified factory manufacture

Outstanding flexibility

Outstanding flexibility through the self-supporting steel structural frame with non-loadbearing walls


Attractive architecture through individual cubic volume, outline plan and facade design