Building computer centres

Faster and more flexible with modular construction

When it comes to building a computer centre, flexibility is becoming increasingly important. Who can say today what the digital future will look like in terms of hardware? We cannot be certain of what demands performance and floor area will need to meet, but IT standards and availability are increasing all the time. 

Using modular construction, computer centres can be planned and built in the shortest possible time. Flexibility allows for growth: modular built computer centres grow with the company over time and, apart from the possibility of expansion, can also be moved completely if necessary, which is a major advantage. The finished modules can easily be dismantled and rebuilt at a different location.

Advantages of modular construction for building computer centres

Thanks to the use of modular building elements, computer centres can be planned and realised in just a short time. Because needs can change very quickly, computer centres built using modular construction methods will always be flexible. Because modular computer centres can grow to match demand – without interrupting operations! We take your requirements into account in our planning and guarantee to provide you with a computer centre with a flexible floor plan that meets your every need.

Externally, the infrastructure components are no different from the solutions provided by classic building methods. Cables and pipes are installed in the wall elements at the factory. This saves customers time and money without having to forego design concepts, fittings and functionality.

Our partner in computer centre construction

The Data Center Group and its companies specialise in the planning and construction of computer centres. From IT strategy consulting and planning through expert structural integration and extensive support and servicing to the professional operation of the computer centre, the companies in the Data Center Group collaborate and coordinate with each other. In this way, the Group provides massive added value through its constant knowledge transfer coupled with short communication routes and wide-ranging practical skills  Its great strength lies in its ability to realise innovative commercial solutions to meet sophisticated customer requirements quickly and economically from one source and without interfaces, using its broad range of experienced specialists.

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