Constructing social buildings and social areas

Ideal working conditions for your employees

Employees feel that they are better appreciated when their working environment is a pleasant one. This also applies in particular to social areas such as kitchens, changing and wash rooms or rest rooms. Building a social building with ALHO means creating the perfect basis for an optimum corporate climate. Our social areas encourage human interaction which then creates a positive atmosphere – and this pays dividends for the whole company.

Modular construction offers many advantages for social buildings: Thanks to the flexibility of modular construction, you can build social areas that grow with you and adapt to the development of the company at any time. When it comes to sanitary areas in particular, you can rely on the uncompromising quality that only modular construction can provide. All wet cells are prefabricated in the factory in consistent conditions and undergo constant quality controls – including the installation and tiling work. Professional standards of hygiene are paramount, of course.

Questions about social buildings?

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