As life expectancy increases, so too does the need for medical facilities for treatment, care and diagnostics. Medical progress requires flexible, turnkey hospital accommodation solutions at short notice. Building a clinic on a turnkey basis calls for a fully integrated concept – tailored to the different treatment processes and needs. Whether a quick "surgical intervention" is needed in an existing clinic building or a completely new usage concept has to be prepared – the ALHO method of modular construction allows customised, project-specific planning and realisation of the clinic development.

Weeks of building nois can  have a major impact on the working processes and procedures in a clinic. Building a turnkey clinic with ALHO therefore means that, using system assembly, it is possible to construct a clinic in a construction time that is 70% shorter than with traditional building methods. Rapid completion is guaranteed, at a fixed price and by a fixed deadline, without any major impact on everyday life in the clinic or exposing patients to annoying building noise. Time and revenue factors thus interact seamlessly when you build a turnkey clinic with ALHO. 

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