Constructing customised office buildings

Producing administration buildings using modular construction

The advantages of ALHO modular construction when companies construct an office building are obvious: As a new build, extension or expansion – modular construction is 70% faster than traditional building methods, allowing staff to move into the new office building sooner. Buildings are erected for a fixed price and by a fixed deadline – office buildings from prefabricated room modules, customised, tailored to your needs and innovative. The crucial factor when companies construct an office building is to have an integrated, sustainable spatial concept that "grows with them". Modular office buildings, with their non-loadbearing interior walls, can be flexibly altered, and extensions and extra floors can also easily be added.

The logical symbiosis between ecology and economy makes turnkey modular construction particularly attractive. Environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability come together in ALHO's modular construction of new office buildings or extensions to produce a truly intelligent design. Construction without thermal bridges, for example, and the high level of component insulation create turnkey office buildings with excellent energy efficiency. A turnkey office built by ALHO – the perfect calling card for your company.

Carefully thought through: Planning a modular office building

The planning process for constructing a turnkey office building starts with a clearly defined objective that takes account of tomorrow's requirements as well as today's. It is therefore essential when designing the office building that plenty of room is allowed for expansion, even after the property has been completed, in order, for example, to create more room for working to match the company's rapid growth. Developers are therefore able to plan a future-proof, turnkey office building that takes into account the local circumstances, the specific requirements for use and, not least, the general economic situation.

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